It is more than 12 years the sightsavers entered into this optical business. Today even unqualified person is into this optical business. The person  selling watches is into this optical business only because watch has glasses and spectacles have glasses too, these people don't find difference between glass used in watches and glasses used for spectacles. For them specialization and qualification means nothing.

Sightsavers was started by the qualified Optometrist. Who did his specialization from AIIMS which is one of the reputed and prestigious institutes in the country.  Every year institute select 5-8 merit students from all over the country on the basis of Entrance exam in which every year hundreds of students appear  for this degree course.

In SightSavers. all the staff is well trained by the companies like Essilor. Essilor is the leading company in the glasses. Essilor is worldwide renown brand.

Twelve years back sightsavers started the optical business merely with small quantity of country made frames. Today the outlet has well known brands in his kitty like Safilo, Spencer, Gucci, Rayban, Mountblank, Blueberry etc. SightSavers. is well equipped with every modern machine and equipments neccessary for detailed and routine check up of eye patient.

Every end of the 3 months quality standards are reviewed just to ensure that nothing is lacking or missed out in achieving quality standards. Because, we in sightsavers think as being a customer he is paying for a quality product and if that expectation is not met then he feels like ditched and in near future neither he will visit nor he will refer anybody else to visit. So, that keeping in mind we review our quality standards every quarterly to improve and strengthen the quality and behaviour area. Today we have over Ten Thousand satisfied and happy customer databases from almost every corner of the world.

NOTE :- You can anytime mail us to reach your voice or any suggestion by emailing us Even if you wanna take any appointment or want to order pair of spectacles online you can order straight from website. If you have any doubt regarding any thing we have live chat facility you can chat with our professional and qualified OPTICIAN to resolve any doubt if you have.